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The department is concerned with the welfare of teachers who are members of BETUZ but work in private and self-managed schools and those under Special Education.


Current and On-going activities


• Sensitization /workers education of union  activities for both private and self managing schools


As a department, we are concerned with sensitising teachers in private schools to see the need of being unionized. Teachers are educated about their rights to belong to a union of their choice.


• Grievances’ and settlement of Disputes


Attend to grievances of teachers in private and self-managing schools.

To ensure that teachers in the private sector are well paid and that our teacher members in private schools and those with special education have their welfare taken care of by their employers.


• Recruitment of Teachers

It is in our interest as a department to recruit primary and basic appointed teachers in private schools to be unionised with BETUZ.


• Exchange Visits

The exchange visits are made with other unions that handle private school teachers in different countries. In 2014, UPSEE (Union of Private Secondary Education Employees) invited BETUZ to an exchange visit. The exchange visit was  a platform to learn from by the BETUZ delegates so as to better serve teachers from private schools here in Zambia.

Exchange Visit

Mr Hachamba Evelyn

Director - Private, Self Managing Schools Dept

BETUZ and UPSEE delegates in Mauritius , 2015

BETUZ and UPSEE Exchange visit in Mauritius , 2014

Mr Chipamina (BETUZ National Trustee) presents a BETUZ t-shirt to UPSEE President, Mr Yahya Paraouty in Mauritius , 2014

Mr Yahya Paraouty present an UPSEE t-shirt to Mr Chipamina in Mauritius , 2014





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