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The 11th  year of ANTUSA Sports and Cultural Gala was held under the theme "Lay the ground beyond Sports & Culture". Hosted in by Teachers Union of Namibia (TUN) in a beautiful town of Swakopmund in Nambia, the sports and cultural fest was attended by over 1900 teachers from across member union in the SADC region.


The Association of Non-Aligned teachers ‘Unions of Southern Africa (ANTUSA)’s annual Sports and Cultural Exchange programme was held on the 29th March to 1st April  2018, marking the 11th edition of the annual ANTUSA games.


Teachers from ANTUSA Unions in the SADC region namely: BETUZ (Zambia), BOSETU (Bostwana), PEU (RSA), PTUZ (Zimbabwe), LTTU (Lesotho), TUN(Namibia) and UPSEE (Mauritius) showcased their talents in different sporting spheres such as Soccer, Netball, Volleyball and other related cultural events including traditional dances, poem and debate sessions.


This year's edition was hosted by Namibia in its beautiful town of Swakopmund, a city located on the seashores of the Namibia on the Antlantic ocean. The annual sports fest was attended by over 1500 teachers from across the region.


Among the attendees were  Swakopmund Town Council Officials, A Representative from the Zambian Embassy in Namibia, ANTUSA Executive Committee Members, Officials from TUN, Leadership and members from all participating unions. The two day's event was been celebrated under the theme "Lay the ground beyond Sports & Culture".


ANTUSA President, Mr Malose Kutumela explained the theme as one that is meant to foster for growth in the union. It is a theme which will help us as SADC African teachers know how to better tackle rising issues of early child marriages and sex education among the learners in schools.


The union has continued to provide a platform from which other teachers from different countries learn on best practices on how to deliver to their learners.


The next ANTUSA festival will be held in Lesotho in 2019, hosted by Lesotho Teachers Trade Union.




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ANTUSA President's Speech

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TUN Representative's opening remarks

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ANTUSA 2018 Participant testimonial

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BETUZ Ngoma Dance


This 11th year anniversary programme attracted over 1800 teachers from all member countries who participated in different activities of the programme.  The following are the results recorded


1. Games


Netball                                                                      Chess

1, BOSETU (Winner)                                                       PTUZ (Winner)

2. BETUZ (Runners Up)                                                 BETUZ (Runners Up)




1. BETUZ (Winner)

2. BOSETU (Runners Up)


Volley Ball

     Men                                                               Women

1. BOSETU (Winner)                                                            1.BETUZ (Winner)

2.BETUZ (Runners Up)                                         2. BOSETU (Runners Up)













2. Cultural Exhibitions


Cultural exhibitions have from time immemorial being a power tool to use in order to pass on information and values from one generation to the next. As ANTUSA, the value attached to culture cannot be over emphasized as witnessed every year during our festivals. This year, participants were able to exhibit their skill in traditional dances, poetry and song.


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3. Mr & Miss ANTUSA Contest


Every year, ANTUSA gets to usher in two new faces for the association brand. This comes in through the ambassadors selected to represent the association at various ceremonies, implement new ANTUSA goals and stand as brand delegates.


The beauty contest brought in the following results :-



(Miss Antusa - Thatayaone from BOSETU.

The 1st princess is Prisca from PTUZ,

 and the 2nd Princess is Klaar Peterson from the hosts, TUN).


Coming to the men in this female dominated competition, the following were the results that crowned the new

Mr ANTUSA personality.


Mr ANTUSA is Maleya Mapulanga from BETUZ,

the 1st prince is Obed from PEU,

 and the 2nd Prince crowned is Pitso from LTTU.



The overall award went to BETUZ for its outstanding performance across the board and winning awards in standing as either the winner or the runner up.









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