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ANTUSA  | Association for Non-Aligned Teacher Unions in Southern Africa



This year's programme attracted over 1000 teachers from all member countries who participated in different activities of the programme. Among the activities included the following plus the goals scored:


1. Games



Games & Results


Zambia     Vs     Lesotho

South Africa    Vs Zimbabwe





Games & Results


Zambia (14)    Vs     Lesotho (0)

South Africa (1)    Vs  Zambia (2)

Zambia (4) Vs Botswana (3)


Volley Ball

Female                                                   Male

Games & Results


Zambia  (2)   Vs     Lesotho (0)            Zambia (2) Vs Zimbabwe (0)

Zambia  (2)    Vs Zimbabwe (0)           Zambia (14)  Vs Lesotho (0)
























2. Cultural Exhibitions


Due to the invaluable importance our African culture has upon our society, participating countries had to showcase different acts depicting their settings from where they live in. It is from these cultures that men and women grow into becoming responsible and notable persons in societies they live in. Participating countries exhibited dances, poems, songs and other acts. The following videos showcase some of the acts presented.


View Cultural Exhibition gallery panel











3. Mr & Miss ANTUSA Contest


Every year, ANTUSA gets to usher in two new faces for the association. This comes in through the ambassadors selected to represent the association at various ceremonies, implement new ANTUSA goals and stand as brand delegates. The selection is done via the Mr and Miss ANTUSA beauty and personality contest. 2014 had seen Mr Antusa from Botswana and Miss Antusa from Namibia. This year, 2015, Mr Antusa was scooped by Songiso Mundiya from Zambia and Miss Antusa was won by Mimi Machabe from Botswana.


Mr ANTUSA Points were scored as follows:


1st Zambia - 153 Points

2nd Lesotho - 118 Points

3rd South Africa - 99 Points


Miss ANTUSA points were scored as follows:


Miss Antusa (Botswana) - 448 Points

1st Princess(Zimbabwe) - 390 Points

2nd Princess (Zambia) - 292 Points


View Mr & Miss Antusa Contest gallery

Games Gallery

Mr & Miss ANTUSA 2015 pose for a photo with with ANTUSA President

ANTUSA delegates from BETUZ,PEU and BOSETU at Glenwood School playing fields

This is an association of teacher-unions in SADC Region comprising the following countries: Botswana, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia and Zambia.  The regional unions meet in each of the countries stated above on rotation basis, once in a year mostly in April. 2014 saw Lesotho hosting the ANTUSA events while South Africa hosted this year, 2015, in Durban.


Zimbabwe to host 2016 ANTUSA meeting in Falls Town.


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Zambia performance

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Botswana's cultural perfromance





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