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5th October of every year across the globe marks the World Teacher's Day and we as teachers under BETUZ do celebrate this special day in grand style.

This year's theme is "Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status".


The World's Teacher's Day is day when teachers across the globe reflect on their impact they make on the lives of people. Teachers self-reflect on their achievements which focus on the different skills (professional) that humanity have acquired through their hard work over time. It is true that for every professional skill that exists , that skill has passed through the hard working hands of a teacher somewhere.


It is on this special day that we as teachers reflect further on how

they can continue to be relevant to the future.


As BETUZ , we are this year interpreting the theme "Valuing Tea-

chers , Improving their Status" by most importantly posing the

question to everyone; If really we have value for teachers.

At what economic status are they at here in Zambia?


If we under value our teachers in Zambia, we are simply giving

less value to our economic development as a nation. We all agree

that it is through teachers that we have entrepreneurs, accounta-

nts, business men and women, nurses, doctors, , military personnel, professionals in different sectors of the economy just to mention but a few. Granting great value to the personnel who bestow knowledge upon our future generation will not only guarantee us of having a future with a set of right attitudes but will also secure the livelihood of many in our nation. At BETUZ , we believe that valuing teachers must start with :-


  (i)  Giving them proper and conducive housing

  (ii) Creating for them a descent working environment

  (iii) Providing access to quality health care

  (iv) Providing to quality teaching and learning materials

   (v) Giving them a descent and respectable wage


It is proven beyond all doubt that if we address the above raised facets, the status of people shall improve therefore, improve the quality of the learners hence them having value.









Collect your celebration regalia from your  BETUZ school , district or provincial leaders.


To get in touch with the provincial leaders, please click here





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